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A single annual subscription includes full search access and training for all your team.

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Explanation of ATO Product categories on Easy-As Tax Finder

Public Rulings

Public rulings and determinations set out the Commissioner's opinion about how a tax law applies. Public rulings include Law companion rulings, which are a special set of public rulings on how recently-enacted law applies to a class of taxpayers, or to taxpayers generally.

Practical Compliance Guidelines

Practical compliance guidelines are guidance materials on how the ATO will allocate its compliance resources according to assessments of risk. They also outline administrative approaches that mitigate practical difficulties relating to the operation of tax laws.

SMSF Regulator's Bulletins

Self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) regulator's bulletins outline ATO concerns about new and emerging arrangements that pose potential risks to SMSF trustees and their members from a superannuation regulatory or income tax perspective.

ATO Interpretative Decisions

An ATO interpretative decision (ATO ID) is an edited version of a decision the Commissioner makes on an interpretative issue, and is indicative of how the Commissioner might apply the law on that particular issue.

Law Administration Practice Statements

Law administration practice statements provide direction and assistance on approaches to be taken when performing duties involving the laws administered by the

Taxpayer Alerts

Taxpayer alerts are intended to be an early warning of ATO concerns about significant, emerging or recurring higher-risk tax or superannuation arrangements that are under risk assessment.

Decision Impact Statements

Decision impact statements are a statement of ATO response to significant cases decided by the courts or tribunals.

Other ATO Documents

These are other documents produced by the ATO that are relevant to interpretative issues. They include other documents containing the precedential ATO views, minutes of external forums, such as the National Tax Liaison Group, technical discussion papers, Super CRT alerts and dispute resolution instruction bulletins.

ATO Law Aids

  • Edited private advice (COMING SOON)**

      ** A public historical record of private written binding advice. 



Easy As Tax Finder aims to make your ATO Public Tax Rulings and State and Territory Tax Rulings search as easy as possible. Coupled with our monthly recorded Tax webinar program delivered by highly trained tax professionals and tax practitioners – Easy As Tax Finder keeps you on top of Tax – all in one easy to access platform, at your fingertips 24/7.


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